I’ve been a professional developer for nearly a quarter of a century. And before that, I dabbled in code as a child, starting with Atari BASIC on our Atari 800. After a few years away from coding, I got back into it in high school, after my friend begged me to sign up for programming class so they’d have enough people and the class wouldn’t be cancelled (thanks Satyan!). I think that he ended up becoming a medical doctor. It’s funny how things turn out sometimes!

I’ve played many roles throughout my career, from team lead to UX designer, But developer is the role that I find myself being drawn back to time and time again. I’ll always be a developer at heart, and fortunately I am able to let that aspect of me thrive currently at Automattic, working on the new Admin experience for WooCommerce.

Visit my other personal blog for the non-developer side of me.